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Whale Tron system is environmental control facility which is keeping optimum state for fish and shellfishes. It controls temperature, DO, PH, and sterilization to enhance growth and development.



  • Plant factory field
  • Research experiment on fish and shellfishes
  • Fish-farming
  • Food industry field


  • Fish & Shellfish research experiment / mass production
  • Non-cycle motor system / Made with titanium and PVC(contacting part with water)
  • Use of heat source from fresh & discharge water → Energy saving
  • Production water transport without electricity → Natural convection
  • Precise temperature control → securing stability
  • Special spray for flame & acid resistance
  • Heat Pump Type
  • Cooling, Overheating safety device
  • Filtrate quality, UV sterilization, DO, PH, EC, Salinity control
  • Computer Interface

Schematic diagram