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General type


  • Optimization of the limited space
  • Beneficial use of space
  • Installed easily in a small space.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Facilitate easy to relocation and expansion


It is designed by cold top polyurethane panels which is superior to other products in insulation. Basically, the width of panel is 900mm, it can be customized to adjust the width between 150mm and 900mm.

The height of panel is based on 2000mm and 7000mm, but it can also be customized to adjust height up to 7000mm according to the operating conditions.


Thickness and temperature of panel

50T: Refrigeration and air conditioners (0 ~ 10 )
75T: Refrigeration and freezing (-5 ~ -10 )
100T: Freezing (-5 ~ -25 )
125T: Freezing (-5 ~ -50 )
150T: Electric floor heating panels (10 ~ 60 )

Please select the thickness of the panel depending on products.


Features of Polyurethane Panel

Extremely low thermal conductivity
     Polyurethane Panels strongest point is low thermal conductivity only 010185kcal/mh .

Outstanding insulation & Condensation-Proof
     Effect on condensation prevention in polyurethane panel is 30 times more than the brick.

Breakthrough cost-effectiveness
     The polyurethane panels brings cost effectiveness compared to conventional insulation materials.

High strength & Ruggedness
     The polyurethane panels is strong material used in construction for cold warehouse.

Reducing construction cost
     It can save cost under construction because of easy assembly and installation


Indoors, outside built-up

Indoors, outside built-up



Indoors, outside built-up

Indoors, outside built-up





Prefabricated urethane panel

 Agriculture, eoga refrigeration /
Fridge-house assembled




Movable type




  • No need for rain shelter / easy to move
  • Low radiant heat because of good thermal insulation
  • Excellent storage performance
  • Easy to move / clean appearance.
  • Installable anywhere the electricity exists



Combination of Low Temperature warehouse & Dryer




  • No need for rain shelter / easy to move
  • Drying under low temperature storage condition
  • Large amount of drying with mass dryer
  • Four-sided uniform drying with three-dimensional air circulation system
  • Efficient working method

Low Temperature warehouse


- Functional storage depending on product
- High-quality cold storage
- Freshness device
- Remote control system



ceiling panel

hwoming panel




Power dissipation sliding door

packaged chillers

pipes from freezing

roof (color corrugated)

overlapping trapdoor




This equipment if perfect not only for its excellent store performance but also it contributes to stabilizing farm income as well.

By storing farm products in Low Temperature warehouse, it can be secure in safe storage.


1. Excellent insulation
Cold warehouse is economical equipment to minimize its energy consumption. Prefab panel is used for blocking cold and hot air.

2. On-site assembly
Installation of cold warehouse is not interrupted by the place for establishment

3. Expansion & Relocation
This is prefabricated cold warehouse by assembling PREFAB-type panel so that it is available to expand or relocate the device.

4. Utilization of efficient space
Because of the excellent heat insulating of the polyurethane, the thickness of product is thinner compared to others.

5. Excellent appearance
The surface of panel is designed by color steel plate, precoated Steel Plate, and stainless steel so that it has elegant appearance.

6. Schedule compression
It can be reduced the term of works.


Cold storage - Thermally door

Cold storage - Thermally door