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All equipment can be controlled by automation system such as environmental control, energy management, disaster prevention, security, maintenance and repair management.




  • Economical management through automation system
  • Optimization of heating&cooling, lighting
  • Reduce operating costs by scientific management
  • Electric power storing technique for lighting
  • Unification of the business by system integration
  • Optimization of security management

Integrated remote control system

Facilities, Cold storage warehouses, industrial equipment etc

This system analysis the soil, soil temperature, climate change, and chemical property by MICRO-PROCESSOR to produce excellent agricultural products. Also, the pressure, temperature, moisture, operating time, defrosting, air volume, CO2, and fire detection etc can be controlled by integrated remote control system. Because of this system, it can be operated by fewer worker so that it saves production costs.

The users can choose either local control system or direct control system depending on their preference. Basically, it is web based interface so that all equipments to controlled through network. The aim of this system is also to reduce costs, save energy, and optimize proper environment conditions.