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Structure type of greenhouse

  • Wide Span Type
    Usually this type is preferred by Korea, Japan and Southeast asia. It can be constructed it’s length and width depending on the user’s preference. Steel structure is appropriate for typhoon and heavy snow.

  • Venlo Type
    As european glasshouse, the widening of roof is fixed in 3.2~4.0 meters. This type is appropriate for large size of glass house.



Energy control technology

  • Korean greenhouse complex environmental control
    In general, the Netherlands greenhouse environmental control system which is Priva Connext is used in research facility. Otherwise, this system is inappropriate for many countries including Korea. So the wide span type is preferred by Korea, Japan, and Southeast asia. It is designed by analyzing internal and external environmental factors to optimize best conditions of horticulture and rapid growth of plants.

    Economical management through automation
    ■ Optimization of energy costs
    ■ Efficient management of lighting and equipment by using renewable energy
    ■ Cost reduction on cost of radiant heat, water and electricity