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Whale Tron system

Whale Tron System is
environmental control facility for underwater creatures. By installing this equipment, it is possible to adjust optimal environmental conditions for mass production of fish and shellfish.

The world’s demand for aquatic products has increased, but at the same time, production has decreased over the past 10 years. In the past, people have caught the fish. But nowadays, People are growing the fish. This can be countermeasure of this problem. So the research on efficient way of aquaculture is on-going to deal with this matter.

HANAM ENGINEERING designed a new type of aquaculture, which is Whale Tron System. It doesn't need much of bait compared to other kind of aquaculture method. Also because of the high profitability, it can ensure competitiveness.

WTS is environment-friendly aquaculture. Therefore it is minimize the environmental pollution compared to the existing aquaculture. Because of our company’s continuous research and development, we expect sustainable aquaculture development.